[Herald Interview] Jung Soo

커뮤니티 2023-12-06 19:41:29 259

In director Kim Jee-woon’s upcoming black comedy, “Cobweb,” Jung Soo-jung, also known as Krystal from K-pop girl group f(x), plays a chic and edgy rising star, Han Yu-rim, giving the role her own, almost flawless interpretation.

The 28-year-old actor seamlessly reproduces a unique tone that actors would use in the 1970s, making it hard to believe that “Cobweb” is Jung's first commercial film role. Jung has previously starred in the TV show, "More Than Family" (2020), among other TV big drama roles.

“I’ve always wanted to try the 1970s styling. The looks, tone and manner of acting in that time were something I could try through ‘Cobweb.’ While shooting, Yu-rim’s unique acting style would only come out when I got dressed up and had my hair done as Yu-rim. If I wasn't wearing You-rim’s look, I found it hard to act like Yu-rim,” said Jung in an interview with The Korea Herald in Seoul on Friday.




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